The We Movement

$2 from every t-shirt you buy goes to support the ©WE Movement

WE® is a social enterprise that exists to make the world a better place. They are incorrigible idealists who believe that there is a version of our highest selves that comes from living a life of meaning & responsibility to another fellow being. Then and only then do our lives take on a deeper, transformative meaning as we impact the lives of others less fortunate than us.

Making the world a better place is not a job for the faint at hearts, and two brothers, Craig and Marc Kielburger, with a vision and a mission were called onto the plate to solve serious world challenges.


Truly helping others means you have to help both the individual and the community in which they reside. Building classrooms and keeping children in schools may be ineffective if they return home at the end of each day to ill-stricken homes & communities. Communities can be helped to self-preserve only if a steady supply of clean water is brought-in first. It is not enough to empower an individual without empowering the entire ecosystem in which they live.

This is what WE® do.